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Kelly Scholl has been with the FBLA-PBL National Center since January of 2016.  Kelly's involvement with FBLA-PBL dates back many years. She was a member of both FBLA and PBL, she was a chapter adviser, and she was the State Chair of FBLA-PBL in North Dakota.


Kelly has a bachelor's degree in Business Education and a master's degree in Educational Leadership. She taught middle school and high school Business Education for 15 years, and she served as a Program Specialist in Business Education for the North Dakota Department of Career & Technical Education (NDCTE) for 15 years. While teaching Kelly was an FBLA adviser, and while working for NDCTE she was the FBLA-PBL State Chair in North Dakota. Before joining the national staff, Kelly took on numerous leadership roles within FBLA-PBL and within Business Education. In FBLA-PBL, Kelly served two terms on the NAP Committee, supervised validation at numerous NLCs, and served as a Professional Division officer for two years. Kelly also served in leadership positions with the North Dakota Business Education Association, the Mountain Plains Business Education Association, and the National Association of Supervisors of Business Education.